My passion for capturing stories and feelings with a camera started at a young age. I grew up making projects with video and 8mm film cameras. That passion progressed into me becoming a still and motion picture camera assistant before adding editing to my skillset. Computers increasingly became a part of the creative process, eventually this led me to work for Apple, where I taught professional creative software for over ten years. I left Apple to realign with my passion for filmmaking. As the camera is my first love, I have focused on Director of Photography. Being an editor has taught me to be efficient with my footage, while being a shooter has made me a more decisive editor. 

My work has taken me around the world and garnered several awards, including:

- Emmy Award, Orchestra Kids, Documentary, Producer

- Emmy Award, Making Music, Making Friends, Camera (commemorative)

- People’s Choice Award, The Lesson, Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival

- Best Thriller Short, The Lesson, Rincón Film Festival

- Best Lighting, The Lesson, Culver City Film Festival

Music moves my soul and certainly is a crucial component to the rhythm and flow of conversation, camera movements, and editing. I also compose and perform music for films, providing a trifecta for the heart and soul of my projects.


phone: 310-980-5208